Dec 28, 2010


I hope you’re happy now, I’m not telling you the lies
It’s such a scheme, that you making scene with the butterflies
You living for the city and for the eyes you will be sad
Until the day it will comes, never let it go she said
Back in time old lady, don’t turn for no reason destination
You were the little lovely girl I ever met
And the first thing I do is to impress you
But there’s a tales never been told
A story of butterfly, just looking for the piece of bud
You never had fame, you always be strong
Get it together my lady, there’s a place for you
And you will be called by the happiness
Why don’t you let the story eaten by the time?
It’s only a piece of mind and it’s going to be so well soon

I’ve been told and I like the way you talking
I’ve been fooled and I hate to talk about it again
I like when you whispering and there’s an autumn inside your heart
You open up your wings and fly like the butterfly
Oh why, I would carry on with the memory you whisper
Always get the better drunk; I’m going to give you
Oh, I’m retire from the beginning, and I lost from the start
I lost my sight and I’ll be shine again soon
From the high mountain, I hope I can see you
With the broken bridge, the broken will be good soon
By changing the lanes, I hope you surrender from both side
And I will come to you
Hold it tight, it doesn’t lead you the arrogant
Keep silent every time you hear people talk about it
With my own mouth, I will say that the best thing you should do

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