Jan 30, 2011

Broke up and be single until ?

I'm just finish asking 100 peoples about why people tend to be single after they broke up?..  Uh Huk , I picked the first answer from them, first respond when they being ask by these question. sound freak aite ?but  I think they need to think first before they answer my question because they've experienced it. Its not easy to be cure and its not easy to be on our own.. 

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1. sebab malas sakit ht lg

2. ntah eh.. nyk depend gai dri mpu

3. mana lah i tauuuuu

4. urmp! sapee kata macam tuu kat ko?

5. erm. cos sakit la.hahah u know. its hard to open ur heart anymore bah

6. because when you broke up, it  means over,means that you have no partner, means you are alone, means you are single

7. i dont know..mybe.... dissappointed

8. tdak mahu kkcewaan berulang lg sakit ati, nafsu berkurang kot

9. they need some time of their own they cant just jump into and start a new relationship with someone new

10. cos single better, bcouple buang masa jak, annoying eehh, so buang masa.

11. different people have different reason

12. then?, what should it be?

13. sbb frust la dol..sik pcaya gik

14. mayb lom pat lupak kn ex kali or dh jerak dh bgrk, knk tyak?

15. lps break ..mmg single kn, so ?

16. bcuz they just got hurt

17. i dun n0e why,u can ask another people c0z i dun noe d reason.

18. because they dont wanna b hurt again..or. they not really ready yet to hv a rltnship..once u get hurt..
it will always remain there..

19. frust haha

20. bcoz fed up, life still young ...

21. no one loves them

22. ahaha . idk ~

23. aft broke up, automatically we bcome single la ,aiya

24. coz.. people want to be alone ..

25. haha..i dun now..y? nk cari lain ler tu..thats y la..

26. -,-"

27. hhehehehe nth

28. gd question, haha. we need time to recover back i think.

29. mmg niat hti kot....nper?

30. hm ,sbb takott dipermainkan .maybee ?

31. i dont know

32. I dont know. Knp eh? entahlah hee

33. huh? how i noe wo, mayb jz wan to rest b4 get new1 or mayb don hv ppl look for

34. haha idk, maybe they get tired being hurt maybe

35. hmm idk, maybe they dnt want to forget their ex

36. cause, they dont wanna feel the same thing n hate the mistakes repeat

37. ermm, depend on sumone, if they tend 2 be single .juz let them be

38. coz of broken heart hahahha

39. didju just break up or something? cause people after breaking up have higher expectations on how they want to be treated, and finding someone that can do that is hard

40. cause they get heartbrokened?

41. dun kn0e ' dun ask me ab0ut lurve .ahaha .y ?

42. idk. dont ask me :(

43. knpe u tnye i pulak? grrr

44. ouhh ,, alah biasa la tuh ,,mungkin sinngle is better than couple.

45. coz they fobia in love n still love their ex

46. 0uuhh ' i c . hurrmm .but i think lhaa .

47. erm.. heart broken mybe..

48. hahhaa sorry , dunno la

49. ha . ntah la . i pun ta twu 

50. err , idk . sorry

51. maybe they do not want to be upset again

52. phobia maybe. y?

53. emm im not really sure. i think because they not ready in a relationship. emmmm broken heart kata kan

54. want to be a playboy for boys lols (man)

55. single is simple, couple was trouble

56. They might be still in heartbroken mood perhaps

57. coz that is our decision darl

58. hmm, idk how to answer you, sorry.

59. maybe because they didnt want to get hurt anymore

60. maybe bcause they become tension or anything. hm

61. erk, idk sorry 

62. idk lah, haha 

63. entahla juak

64. i think the answer is only one word , "HEARTBROKEN"

65. Idk maybe some of them want to be In that way

66. i dnt know. bored. or.. ptah hati 

67. frust?­ ­

68. maybe bcause they need a time to be alone until the're ready to ba love again i think

69. Bcoz some people feel a phobia of last relationship

70. Ouh well. i can't answer that

71. xda juga single, tengok lau ada pganti cepat cepat la nya kapel balik

72. bcoz they dun wnna get hurt

73. why??

74. ermm..myb they still cant accept another kot...coz they still in hurt...

75. maybe bcos their dont want to hurt for the 2nd time

76.  don't know..  sometime people are like that, they don't want to be in a relationship first..

77. because they don't have partner..is there anything wrong with that?

78. bcs they got hurt i guess? and they don't wanna feel that again

79. Hmmm , I dont know , But for me , maybe that just the way it should be 

80. i don't know.. people decide that..

81. i dont know

82. i tried to move on, i went out with other guys. i did but i just cant, its kinda hard to move on u know

83. I dont know. cause they haven't found the right one

84. single is btr ma..more freedom,no heartbroken.no feeling hurt, juz...hapi evryday even lonely

85. bcuz of some experience during couple that ppl dont wan to face again... In my opinion(IMO) lah

86. em,dunno,frustttt.tlebh frustt..

87. erm, im not sure, but i guess they're not ready for a new relationship

88. cuz dh lejuk mrsa kcewa tlalu skit bha kcewa ea

89. heart broken, try make themselve hepi,when they're single, they can find new things ...in their life ...

90. becoz they felt broken heart­ ­

91. because they just broke up LOL

92.'cause it's the best thing to do (: Being single is a crucial thing to do once ppl broke up

93. hmmm i guess 1 is better than 2?

94. bcuz they just broke up?

95. sik mok kecewa gik utk kali yg seterusnya

96. sbb dh xnk kecewa lagi kot..xpn..nk bersendirian seketika..dgn kata lain, enjoy..

97. because they dont want to get hurt anymore and maybe, they dont trust for someone to be love

98. to search the better than before...

99. bcoz when they break up, they need time n space for themselves...

100. i think diaorang taknak sakit hati lagi kot ,MAYBE
Im sorry 
Just broke up
Enjoy before love
Feel Nothing Bout Relationship

Need Some Space

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