Jan 20, 2011

Bintulu Buskers ON THE MOVE!!

This is the new BUSKERS MOVEMENT originally from Bintulu, Sarawak. With the bunch of good friend, BINTULU BUSKER officially existed. Whether like it or not, "we" as the people,love to hear guitar sound, right? We can’t deny about how we feel yeah? Either love song, sad song, happy song or else, it perfectly flow through your head. VEIN? For sure, it will flow through your vein too, and warm your body. This is what I feel when I play guitar, I can’t feel what people feel about it!. Here I put video of their covers. It might not be so good for you but if you do love music, you probably want to hear it! Enjoy!

First of The Gang To Die - Zee Avi (Cover)
 Location : Tanjung Batu 
Vocal : Miena 
Guitar : Es 
Bintulu Buskers GROUP. [X] D Visual Production 2011

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