Jan 21, 2011

Close your eyes

What a wonderful night tonight, I closed my eyes and then I heard all the sound played by them as there is no one can stop them. What a wonderful sound and I wish it can be last forever because I thought that it can make someone happy. We live to be happy and we used to get familiar with all the sound in the whole world. Suddenly, there is one soft sound that attracted my minds. I can feel it as much as it flowing through my eardrum and played. Then, I spoke to myself “What’s this sound? I couldn’t think of any sound related to it, but then I realized that it was from my friend’s laptop. Hahaha (Laughing)”.

Then, I’m LOMPAT TO the next sound and it was a guitar sound. It was expected from earlier that this is the sound that I’m interested most. What a wonderful night to hear the guitar sound and it reminds me the time when I was in the secondary school. At that time, I was curious on how to play the guitar and then I asked my friend to teach me. I’m still remembering the first song I learned that is Faculties of Mind by Butterfinger. I thought it was easy to play guitar and then I realized that we must have commitment to play guitar since we have to be more thoughtful to catch the guitar’s sound. There’s many thing I know about the guitar sound since I played guitar for about two to three year but I know one thing I know about guitar is  guitar’s sound can make you laugh and it can make you cry. It also can broke you down and make you high. Then, if you listen to the music and you feel liked to sing along and you want to get the meaning out of each every song. It would never be the same melody when I’m picking the guitar and then I found that I rather find another places to play guitar because I thought that different places would inspired us different thinking.

Another sound I heard while I’m closing my eyes is the fan’s sound. The fans keep spinning all the time and it will stop whenever we switch it off. The sound of the fan is so soft and it giving us the excitement and relaxing. One thing I remembered about this sound and it was my past story. Back then, when I was a kid I’m scared of fan because my mom always scolds me whenever I’m playing with the fan and then you know what? She tells me the story about the fan. Oh sorry, I can’t remember what story she told me. You know, I don’t know anything when I was a kid but I know one thing that is we should hear what our mom told us. It’s a good way to live the happy live. Nowadays, People like to do their own things without hearing what other people say. It’s not so hard to listen and is not so hard to follow what people want us to do if it brings to good. Although, we doesn’t know the outcome but at least we’d tried.

 “Arghh, this sound is scaring me”. I’m screaming in my minds. It was a sound of dogs barking out loud is like they’re barking at something but we don’t know. This time, this scumbag sound brings me to my hometown where I lived far away from town and it’s taken two hours to get there but I love my hometown as it was a quiet place and it’s a good place to clear your minds. I’m also thinking that our hometown will inspired us a new thing. Back to the barking stuff, I lived in the longhouse at my hometown and there’s many dog there. At night, they keep barking each other and it disturbing my sleep time. It’s so hard to close our eyes with the sound of dog keep barking all the time and it’s so annoying besides scaring me. You know, when the time I’m trying to close my eyes, my minds always thinking the bad thing such ghost stuff but now there’s many thing that can control our minds such as IPod, MP3 and PSP. So, I listening to the music before I’m going to sleep and then rapid eyes movement started. Its lead me to the sleep time.

I wondered if I could keep closing my eyes for more minutes, “Let me go, she said. Let me go, She said”. Now, I’m into my heart and I heard that sound. It was the lyric from the Cake titled “Let Me Go”. I’d listened to this song about hundred times and I’m attracted to it. I don’t know why I’m hearing this sound in my minds; maybe it reminds me of something. I got to keep my feeling flowing like a river so I could recall what exactly my mind wants to tell me. Then, I realized that it was my past love story. “LOL” I’m laughing while my eyes still closing. After that, I felt that I want to stop to mesmerize it and I thought that I would like to proceeding to the next sound.

“Ring, ring, and ring” My phone is ringing. I’m going to open my eyes and check whose calling or messaging my phone at late night. Oh, it was my friend and she said that she can’t sleep although she felt so tired. Then, I’m replying her and say “What’s wrong with you? And I’m also asking her to just close her eyes and get some sleep”. But then she replied me and I forgot what she said but I did give her advice about what’s happening to her. I said “People you love, will turn their back on you, so, you must be cared of what people’s want and you must know how to make yourself calm instead of being sad all the time”. Then, she’s not replying my message and I thought she sleep already. What a beautiful night I was through, I will never know how to recall my memories if I’m not doing this things.

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