Jan 18, 2011

DOTA 6.70C BUG ?

There has been a Observer/Sentry wards bug discovered in Dota 6.70c map which allows you to restock a single ward into two.
1. Buy an item courier & 5 Ironwood Branches.
2. Summon courier and give all 5 Ironwood branches to it.
3. Now buy Observer/Sentry wards and another Ironwood branch on your hero.
4. Plant the first Observer/Sentry ward and give the second ward to the courier (make sure it goes in right last inventory slot of courier)
5. Drop Ironwood Branch from your hero that you bought in Step#3.
6. Select courier hold [Shift] and pick Ironwood Branch and instantly click "Change Courier type".
7 .The wards will appear as a Book Rune just pick it using your hero
8. Voila! Free unlimited wards!

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