Jan 21, 2011

She Walk Across The Room

She walks across the room to get ready to go out for dinner. She couldn’t choose the suitable clothes for the dinner and then she asks for opinion from her mother. After asking her mother, she knows the perfect clothes for the dinner. Although, she look too young but she already matured and she hope that the dinner will be great and not getting spoiled.

                She walks across the room full of pictures. The pictures of flowers is everywhere. She couldn’t think of why all of pictures hang on the wall. She was feeling so weird about the surrounding conditions. As she lying in bed, she saw something moving in one of the picture that hanging on the wall. She tries to look clearly and then she noticed that the picture has sentimental value. She can feel the feeling of the flower in the picture.

                As she walks across the room, she heard the sound of footsteps following her. She becomes curious and nervous of what she just heard. Without thinking of anything, she goes inside her room as fast as she can. And then deep inside her mind, her soul whispered “Don’t let your soul being haunted by what she fell”. You know, she lived alone in her house. And then the moment, she remembers what her mother told her last time. She tries not to think of sound she just heard before because there is always blessing when you just across the room.

                She walks across the room. She caught herself in the corner of the room. With the pen and a piece of paper, she draws the sunsets from the view of her window. She is good at drawing and her drawing was so impressive. There is one picture in the room that she like most and the view of the picture gives her inspiration to keep on drawing.

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