Jan 13, 2011

Think N Think :P

Think it over yeah think it over for tonight
Don’t you ever think of the light?
OH, U So slow, you were the only one in sight
n Get yourself a little polka dot t-shirt
bUT In the dark, you were right
1 2 3 u break the rules, and please pick your doles
And those thing keep annoying my skin, aren't ya ?
You were always there, knocking a bit of rocky sun
But nothing can comes to boost ur fun , eayh?

Oh oh oh oh, a pack of echoes stomp the ground
It’s not so so big, and this is not for you to bind
A little color, a little smokes doesn’t comes together
An object floating in your minds and then she said; where you go?
We’ll never know for any reason, oh yeaH?
You can't decide it quietly, because you seem don’t get it so well

Little lady, are you thinking of me?
Little lady, that’s the life ... 
Why do you care, why do stare
She’s an independent woman, she said
But deep inside her heart, that’s enough!
Why do you care?
Can you see the trouble, let’s go
Getting away with the trouble and then be happy please :)

p.s memory of the past :)

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