Feb 22, 2011

babyshambles - down in albion

Oh yeah!
Oh What more can i say, there's no one want to read instead,
I bet you know who's Babyshambles! But if you don't know, I would like to talk about it?
If you don't mind ..
 We were together for all these year, been kicking lousy life together,
drinking, etc 
Have a blast, hanging around and listening to the radio,
Not pretty enough aite? .

Let's not talk about it eh,
Babyshambles are an English Rock Band, Officially lead by Pete Doherty and then Mick Withnall and Drew Mc Connell joined the band.
But in my mind was " i would say that Babyshambles formed just because Pete Doherty was banned from playing with The Libertines!" BTw, The Libertines awesome, LIKED it! .. 

But I don't really care ! As long as they still singing .. I'm happy,
I know where to find my stuff, and so on.. 

Babyshambles + Pete Doherty = Awesome Poet ..
LOL ... 

We'll meet again! .. 

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