Feb 23, 2011

The Beatles Pictures

Ohh The Beatles,
The Beatles Flashback!

All these years,
I've been craving to hang all of these photos in my room, 
I can see them everyday . woot woot!

I'm not the one who always thinking about them, 
Listening to their song everyday, atleast one song per day,
Have a blast ! The Beatles Fans,

Please don't tell no no no to The Beatles,
If you think you can keep holding me,
Imagine how the world change you behind me,
Hoping to take everything away,
It's not guarantee,
But the feeling won't make you hide your feeling,
Wrong expectation lead to magical humiliation ... 
Take me away! 
Shining, If you always see the meaning of every single word people says,
I'm gonna call you the word catcher!

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