Feb 16, 2011

Percayalah oh K******Ku ....

Seorang diri lagi T_T
Ini Bukan gurauan semata-mata, bacalah lirik yang di buat oleh otak saya ketika otak saya sedang tidak seberapa waras untuk mengkaji dengan lebih dalam lagi, hukhuk .. 

Press start to read, Thank you!

Ini adalah kenyataan bukan sekadar hakikat semata-mata ...
When she rides yellow bicycles, she shakes her hand with the pillow  
Screammm, calling momma for the mystify minds below
I guess the time is not match, tidy up the messy heart
I’ll walk through a long big pipe, wearing a short pant for the tide
And I turned into the old lad, stand straight in the corner
Watching for the troublesome issues, but she said NO; when she's painting on the rough fragment
A milky likely lady dance in the disco, I’m screaming and shout
For the another day comes, the coffee won’t make her stop
Go tell your lady, the thing you stole is the thing you keep in your own shop
Why none of us looking at the tissue, and behave like clean young man
Never arrested, never abused and will change badly when the warmly hand holding your arm
I’ll remember you running out, singing up songs for the special man
Worried for the situation, go zeros, pick it up, and pick it all
I’m dying and I’m singing
This is too late, for us to be in the river in the morning
I leak it out, listening to the new waves sound

Cocky little bastard hit the ground,
The lanes might be the error effect
If you ride, I’m serious
Consider the old time, the first time we chat
Well, I’m more likely childish person who ever robbed your eyes
With the gun in my hand, should I shoot you for the second time?
With my heart, I found myself always get frightened
Now, I took the last match, that the last passion
Looking at you, looking at me
Arrghhh shit …
Should I post this thing? Too much thing to be touch by the mind
Well I said it was a crash, dealing with funny for the sunny
I need to grew up, I’ll stop robbing when the policeman stack in the ways
What’s the point here, your momma will never say you late

P.S Ini versi orang putih, please don't rap it, ini aku baca satu2, aku tulis pun satu2... 

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