Feb 3, 2011

The Stone Roses!!

Kenapa aku nak post pasal THE STONE ROSES ?
sebab kerana The Stone Roses aku berinspirasi.

Aku ceritakan di every CAPTION of the following PICTURE!
The nominal leaders of Britain's "Madchester" scene
An indie rock phenomenon that fused guitar pop and .. 
Dance Music
The way The Stone Roses welcomed dance and pop together !
Genius Ian Brown (Vocal)
The Complete The Stone Roses (aku ade semua)!!!

Main Gitar Bercoverkan The Stone Roses ?
Madchester Scenes

Limited Cover of The Stone Roses Album

Form In 1993-1996
Aku paling suka lagu ni!! 

One Love, Two Loves, 3 Loves and 4 Loves mean nothing ! love yourself!
LIVE, Life, Like
LIVE your Life the way you Like
SHOW, Shine, Soul
SHOW what you've got, Shine together with people who loves your Soul but don't forget about the other people! :)

P.S : This is the one, she waited for ! 

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