Mar 20, 2011

Here comes the glory day

I've become tired of living,
Not as tired of you always explain,
As seen in the mid-day sun, or in the early morning,
The same thing I do like the lead,
I want to live a different way,
I diversified knowledge for the future,
Awaited new things that penetrate the soul, but that should not happen, it is just the impact,
It is not right up to the capital city of NeuroloK,
I also had to check a dictionary based on the direction of the compass which I do own,
All preparations were not exclusively,
Such ideals are not necessarily that we can accomplish using both our minds,
All things missing will be replaced with new objects,
Similarly, the monotony of whom we have to fill with new things,
The rain did not hit our heads right if we undo our soul often in a corner, the others do not see,
Look at what is destroyed, Look what happens if you do not like the person I mean,
Look at the clock, the clock will be kept dying, so are we ....

Not all things as we want to be something we are proud of, but make it as something that made you think that means  ....

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