Mar 11, 2011

Simple allegory

Time, is everything you need,when you up up on top of the hill, you can see
someone. sure
react for the color, rainbow stand still,
How many will play?
Down to the tunnel, cry for the river,
if you speak, "no one would listen to you", your mind spoke ..
as you walking here, you sing, you sang, you sad, it happened mere years ago, come on efeks,
you can do it ...

follow you, follow me, you never knew it
Come on, you will never trust it..
When ever you come home, you said you can't do it. .
It was not like what they always told you, providing someone with some clue
It was something up up in your own mind,
so shame, to blame people ...

Simple mind thinking ... tired of thinking ... but i'm free to believing ..
Word wouldn't change a thing ... keep trusting and don't be so annoying ..
It was paradise? or gonna roll a dice ?

Don't read "incomplete note"

symbolizing the road of my unspokenmind  ..
keep watching and finishing "must be done" stuff ..

No time around, gather around now

I'm better than what is specified, touch ? 

Paricular reason 44

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