Mar 14, 2011

Simple Life

Lookout, it was nice to show something lovely yeah?
But that was your first time seeing it right ? 

People can choose,
People can live with it, they said
You allright, don't ya ? ...
Whether old tree or new tree,
If you claim it was your, you own it, why don't you keep it forever ? 
Don't let anyone come into your house without saying hi, yeah? isn't it ?
I'm gonna show you something really nice,
It's something old-dish i think, but do people really see  it or they just pretend that they can see it clearly? 
It's like they're pretend and they said "being gentle" as they can be, it was right, but do these people really care about it ? ; yeah and ladies too, i think .
f--- off, how come this thing very very complicated to you? it was easy, isn't it ? i think sooo  
Do we need "repetition" in our life? contributing to lovely evening, either happy or sad
Pretender took their life , oh yeah !
Evil come, who know right ? save your soul! 

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