Mar 27, 2011

Belum ada tajuknya

sit down, i wanna sit down (5x)

i dont wanna stand up (5x)

I should speak up (5x)

i'm going to deepest ocean,
cleaning out my blood,
ohh stranger, oh stranger , oh stranger ..
i speak to myself, i speak to myself,
there's a cloud in my mind, rain come down,
i couldn't let you out,
this is control, we're on drive
I tried to, but there was nothing,
Darkness whispering,
follow me to the end,
they turn me out,
they train me out,
you dont want to be alone? don't you?
nothing to feel for now,
i lost myself coz of previous scent,
heavy scent,
killer scent,
drama scene,
get out of my case,
this is my base,
you dance,
leaving a glance,

bukan fikiran, bukan khayalan, cuma sangsi ..

*updated, noted for myself

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