May 19, 2011

Me & You

When you were around,
I'm your playground,
and my obsession is in your head,
connecting into your brain,
Dancin' all day long
I Want to believe it, but it was impossible,
I couldn't and I tried.

.Call me Ace.
But now,
We're no longer dancing all day long,
I can't get enough, and
I'm talking like a Chinese man,
Walking like a trouble lad tough,

What became of The Like Lads ?
Singing now, singing now, and
I can't get enough.

Little Vampire suck your night, 
haunted all night,
Just watching morning sun in dream,
Someone said "Everything will flow" ...
you knew it from the start, but
at least you had tried ...
and now,
I don't feel like to dance again..

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