Oct 15, 2013

Babyshambles - Sequel To The Prequel

Sequel to the Prequel 

We all do have our own satisfaction and we're trying to keep it  in track with our own mind. I believe that people love to imagine thing instead of doing thing. As for me, that's the true differences among us. 

Babyshambles has released their 3rd studio album called "Sequel to the Prequel". 

Track Listing : 
1. "Fireman (Whitnall - Doherty - McConell)"   1:42
2. "Nothing Comes to Nothing (Whitnall - Doherty - Stephen Street)"   3:12
3. "New Pair (McConnell - Doherty)"   3:07
4. "Farmer's Daughter (Doherty - Whitnall)"   5:06
5. "Fall from Grace (McConnell - Robinson - Doherty)"   4:22
6. "Maybelline (Whitnall - Doherty)"   3:17
7. "Sequel to the Prequel (Doherty - Whitnall - McConnell)"   2:58
8. "Dr.No (Whitnall - Doherty - McConnell)"   4:32
9. "Penguins (McConell - Doherty)"   3:47
10. "Picture Me in Hospital (Doherty - McConnell)"   3:06
11. "Seven Shades (McConnell - Doherty)"   2:59
12. "Minefield (Doherty - McConnell - Whitnall - Robinson)"  

Awesome music, That's my first impression into it, and I can't stop re-play all the tracks until i can sing along with Pete Doherty. 

Babyshambles Forever, 

"We've got forever, But you know that's not much time." - Babyshambles - Cuckoo

Oct 14, 2013


You can be anything among us .

So don't be so stupid among us,
We don't need your stupid thing,
Your charm can change the world,
but with your helping hand,
Just don't go to far,
and your cleverness, it'll set you free.

Do it and you will see it.

Oct 12, 2013

Stranger In My Own Skin

I can see everything.
For now, 
and maybe,

You will see nothing if your soul does not last forever.
"So dance and your shadow will never be the same."

Struck My Brain,

Hello Brain!